Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Mother's Day Part 2

Since we didn't really celebrate Mother's Day with our whole family on the original day, Dean and Abby made a special plan for me last weekend. It was all a BIG secret as Abby could be heard throughout the week saying, "Don't worry, Mom...we AREN'T talking about any special plans and we AREN'T going anywhere to celebrate YOUR special day!" just after being spotted whispering in her father's ear! I was on to them!

We slept in and ventured out just before lunch time on a rainy day...BIG surprise there!!! It's been raining FAR TOO much! Instead of heading into the Cities as our vehicles most often do, the truck headed east with lunch at The Orchard in Baldwin. We'd never been there before and enjoyed super yummy burgers.

Then we headed to Eau Claire to the mall, shopping and goofing around. We hit my two favorite scrapbook stores in that area and even uncovered a third I didn't know about, but got there too late to shop.

Heading back to NR, we hit a nice spot in Menomonie for supper and then got home late after a day of being out and about. It was fun, humorous family day.

But perhaps the highlight was a very special surprise when we got home. I was "bamished" to the basement or the upstairs (my choice!) and needed to stay out of their way while they worked on one final surprise. So I headed up to bed to read for awhile. Abby came and checked on me several times to make sure I hadn't fallen asleep and then...

up the stairs came a plate of home baked, fresh from the oven, chocolate chip cookies! YUMMO!

As it turned out, her teacher, Mrs. Hennlich, had helped the kids prepare cards and a special chocolate chip cookie mix that they needed to only add a few ingredients to in order to make the cookies. What a cute idea! According to Dean, Abby (always the helpful kitchen lady) did a great job of stirring and preparing the dough and placing the doughballs on the baking sheet. She talked about crying at how sweet it was to bake cookies for your momma.

I will admit to crying quite hard from the sweetness of this activity when they got upstairs! Especially that late at night after a fun family day! I have never been served cookies in bed before either. I have the best hubby and child around!

Enjoy your day!


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