Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fun at Valley Fair

Today was a day we look forward to all year at NRHS - the senior trip to Valley Fair! The students look forward to it as much as the eight or nine chaperones who accompany the kids. We started this event seven or so years ago as an alternate to Senior Skip Day. The first year we had to pull teeth to get kids to go as they thought we were all going to walk around the park holding hands. NOT! We like to go on rides just as much as they do! This year we had FOUR full coach buses and 175 students along for the fun. :)

This trip goes in the record books as one of the best yet. Super respectful students, major bonding between staff and students as they conquered their fears (waving at Brad Malpert who doesn't really ride rides, but did them all like a trooper as a newbie chaperone), and all in all just a wonderful day with absolutely no issues at all! The only thing we would have changed was the temperature outside...only low 60's if that and windy...I am STILL FREEZING COLD!!! Wearing layers was interesting as it IS May 25th for goodness sake!

Having these out of school experiences with fabulous students is another reason I am proud to be a teacher! They have graduation this Friday and it will be sad to see so many talented students leave our school, but I am confident that we have helped them obtain the tools they need to be successful in the real world!

Congrats Class of 2011! Best wishes to you!

Enjoy your day,

Rachel - and yes, some of you can now call me that because you're THIS CLOSE to graduation! Others will ALWAYS call me Zabs or Mrs. Sauvola just because you can't fathom calling me by my first name! hahaha

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