Tuesday, May 24, 2011


So what can I say...Abby has developed some strong fashion skills. haha I think she gets it from reading every newspaper flyer that comes to our house. Couple that with the Prom experience and she's ready to always be the fashionista whether it's in the house or out and about.

One day we went out for ice cream and here she is sitting in the parlor...delighted at the size of her ice cream cone:

After ice cream, it was time for some singing in the ice cream parlor.

Then it's time to direct everyone in the area in the song...Please note how the glasses match the nail polish - true signs of a fashionista! haha

Sometimes, as a fashionista you have to get ready quick...so the earrings don't always make it on correctly! hahaha But it doesn't matter to her!

You just never know what the always joyful Abby will bring you each day! Presently, she's preparing for "The BIG Show" that she plans to invite the entire neighborhood to tonight...This oughta be good. Apparently she's singing - some original work along with none other than Taylor Swift covers, Dean's doing knock knock jokes and I have to go change my clothes because I AM NOT FANCY enough!!!! NICE! At least she doesn't expect me to sing for the neighbors! haha She's working on signs to post "around town!" Ohhhh, Adventures with Abby...NEVER a dull moment!

Enjoy your day! I'll keep you posted!


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