Sunday, May 22, 2011

Food for America

What do baby animals, elementary schoolers, high schoolers and sunshine have in common? Well, for me it always signifies one of my favorite FFA programs - Food for America. With having a new facility and new capabilities, we invited all the 4th graders to the high school and used a large patch of grass to facilitate the program instead of bringing all the animals to an elementary school gym. The Veterinary Science class coordinated all the animals and planned all the scripts. They did a FABULOUS job! The weather, however...was FAR FROM perfect two times before the actual program happened...yep, we were rained out twice, but the third time was the charm! And on a lovely Friday afternoon with temps in the 70's, everyone enjoyed themselves!

In all, 20 animals were set to arrive, but with all the switcheroos of dates, 17 made the final date. They were organized in stations and the students learned about each one of them as they rotated around. How fun!!!

Here are some picture highlights of the day:

Check out my sporty school bus I use to transport my students back and forth in the background. It's HOT! :) Most days I would prefer the VW convertible in the foreground, but that doesn't hold many students...that belongs to one of my students who filled it full of rabbits that day! haha

Again, I am proud of my students for doing a top notch job securing animals of their own and community members to help make the program successful! Their scripts were top notch and they did a fantastic job answering the youngsters questions and working with them in smaller groups to ensure they got to pet the animals. They even planned to have the more exotic, less known for consumption (even though they are eaten!) creatures there like guinea pigs, turtles and dogs. Excellent work!

After lots of hand sanitizer, it was time for ice cream cones!!!! Yummy! What a fun afternoon!

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